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SFDR That Advances Your Business Goals

Streamlined Disclosure, Systematic Architecture, Marketing-Grade Language

Along with data challenges, SFDR requires a broad range of descriptive and disclosure language. But it also represents an opportunity to leverage your SFDR costs to deliver internal benefits as well as language that actively supports your branding and ESG strategy.

  • Analyse, organise and seamlessly integrate product and ESG information.
  • Address requirements of various stakeholders/SMEs.
  • Take advantage of all possible flexibility in the regulatory framework.
  • Build modular content using plain language and information design.
  • Create exportable, marketing-grade prospectus language that functions as a “golden source”.
  • High quality, in-brand disclosures that clearly convey your ESG approach to all audiences.
  • Flexible, future-proof architecture that offers fully integrated, consistent narratives. Communications that present your ESG offerings with market-leading clarity and differentiation.
  • Significant ongoing operational efficiencies
  • Lower legal and consultancy fees


Our unique capabilities grow out of our unique perspective: the knowledge that compliance requirements can be met in ways that also support efficiency and marketing goals. Our team of writers and designers has the skills and experience to transform complex compliance information into positive client touchpoints. And we have hands-on expertise in ESG communications that comes from working with leading asset managers.

How does this work? Happy to explain.


"We were extremely pleased to be the first company to issue prospectuses that can truly be called ‘simplified’. This was a win not only for investors but offers us a lot of benefits internally as well." (2015)

Mark Phillips
CEO, Aviva Investors Luxembourg

"The result of the prospectus transformation project is quite amazing — not only have we reduced the page count from 370 to 77, we also reduced risk and complexity. It’s readable. It’s organised. It has gone from a technical document to one that truly reflects our company's core values." (2017)

Klaus Ebert
Independent Director, former Managing Director, Danske Invest Management Company

"After its revamp, the prospectus became more than just a compliance document. It became a tool that helps us manage content across documents and ensure consistency of language." (2017)

Isabelle Kintz
Head of Compliance and Internal Control, La Française Group

"Prospectus complexity has significantly increased in recent years, due not only to new regulations but to more requirements from various stakeholders. More Carrot has been the first to look at prospectus complexity in a holistic way. I believe their approach is the way of the future." (2020)

Jan Stig Rasmussen
UCITS Independent Director and Chairperson

“In the focus on legal sufficiency and regulator approval, the usefulness of the prospectus internally is often overlooked. The More Carrot model lets these documents become an efficient reference tool for operations and governance bodies such as the IFM and the board." (2020)

Graham Goodhew
Independant Director, former Conducting Officer at JPMorgan