Workplace Policies/Messaging

Policies Everyone can Understand

We created the first simplified Code of Ethics in the financial services industry. Since then, we’ve developed unique expertise in transforming compliance, privacy, infosec, and HR policies into clear, no-excuses documents.

Harmonized Training

Most training uses a wholly different structure and language from the related policies. Carrotized policies can be fully integrated with training so that employees find a familiar landscape when they turn to the policy for details.

Messaging that Engages Employees

Achieving greater awareness and commitment for ethics and risk policies is difficult for many reasons. But there are approaches that have proven highly successful — and they’re not found in most common types of employee messaging. From evergreen messages to timely gift/entertainment reminders around the holidays and major sporting events, we can craft communications that reflect your firm’s culture.

Maintenance and Outsourcing

We offer a range of service options for firms that want to maintain the quality of their carrotized policies and keep their employee messaging fresh and engaging. These range from annual reviews to full outsourcing with secure hosting and rapid-response editing and design. As an option, both maintenance and full outsourcing can be integrated with carrotization of policies.

60Typical percentage of length reduction when a workplace policy is carrotized
4Average reduction in Flesch-Kincaid grade levels after carrotization.